From zero to zero in 84 days.*

Our plant-based tableware is good for the planet.

We upcycle plant fibers and create our plant-based products
You enjoy our durable and compostable products, guilt free
Our products compost back into the earth in 84 days*

Decomposition, decades faster.

Tellus products decompose faster than other materials put in the earth. When you compost our tableware, organic material is broken down using heat, water and oxygen. Our products fertilize and improve the soil, while reducing the earth's trash.


*in a commercial composting facility

Source: Ellen Macarthur Foundation

What is "upcycling"?

Upcycling is based on the idea of using everything we have. It's about elevating materials to their best use. Tellus upcycles sugarcane fiber (known as bagasse) to create innovative plates, bowls, and takeout containers that compost back into the earth in 84 days in a commercial composting facility.

Why is hyperlocal good?

All Tellus products are made in South Florida using sugarcane grown within a 40 mile radius. Most of our competitors source materials and produce their products outside of the USA. We proudly produce hyperlocal products to lower our carbon footprint and put less strain on the environment.

How transparent is the supply chain?

Our production process occurs adjacent to the farms where our parent companies harvest the sugarcane. We create, package, and ship our plant-based products from a single location.

Durable & compostable, you say?

Our plant-based products are not only heavy duty, and durable, they're 100% compostable too.