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We are a sustainable packaging company that delivers innovative customer-centric solutions. From the plants we grow, to the products we create, we always put the planet first.

Our Owners

Tellus is jointly owned by three parent companies (Florida Crystals Corporation, Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida and American Sugar Refining, Inc.), and is part of ASR Group.

Our Farms

Our farms are made up of 45 mostly family farms. They have proudly cultivated sugarcane and vegetables in South Florida for generations. Not only do they produce the sugarcane fiber our products are made of, they grow the fresh produce that fills your plates too. How’s that for end to end sustainability?

Our Facility

Our manufacturing facility is adjacent to the sugar mill in Belle Glade, Florida belonging to one of our parent owners. Our new office building is right next door, and is LEED-certified®, LEED Silver®.