Who we are

Who we are

SugarOur parent companies are proud of their tradition of family farming and have called South Florida home for many generations. Their deep roots in sugarcane farming have instilled the desire to leave as little impact on the environment as possible. Their commitment to sustainable agriculture will help ensure these farms are passed on to the next generation.

Sugarcane is a bountiful crop, brimming with all the raw materials we need to make our products. When sugarcane is delivered to the mill, it supplies the sucrose for food products, the water for the process and, after the sugarcane is pressed, enough fiber to generate renewable power above and beyond the plants energy needs.

As our parent company has become more energy efficient in their milling operations, they have created a surplus of sugarcane fiber. A team was assembled to find the best use of our extra fiber. Multiple years of exciting research and development brought us to the birth of Tellus.

“Tellus” is derived from Latin word for “earth.” The name inspires our work and provides a link to our agricultural heritage and stewardship of the land.

Tellus® works with key foodservice providers to deliver a broad range of chlorine-free plates, bowls, takeout containers, and eventually provide a broad range of packaging products made from sugarcane (an annually renewable crop) to various segments of the marketplace beyond food.

We are very excited about Tellus and our role in helping people live sustainably.